Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get to Know: Adam Alviar- Head Golf Professional

As we continue our "Get to Know the SilverHorn Staff" series- we move onto Head Golf Professional, Adam Alviar. 


1. How long have you worked at SilverHorn?
Over 10 years.

 2. What is it that you think makes SilverHorn unique? 

2 things. 
1.)  Our employees.  By far, we have the most sociable staff in town.  We always greet our members with a smile and we know everyone by their name. 
2.)  Our course conditions.  They never vary.  SilverHorn is always in immaculate shape!

 3. What is your favorite golf hole at SilverHorn and why?  

That's easy.   My favorite SilverHorn hole is 1 thru 14, and 16 thru 18.  :)

 4. Where are you from?  

I was born in McAllen, Tx.  But I spent almost all of my school years in Heidelberg, Germany (14 years in total).

 5. What do you when you're not at SilverHorn?  

When I am not at SilverHorn, I am with my boys at their Martial Arts class or sports practice (Baseball, Football, and Soccer).  If I am not doing that, I am vegging on the sofa with my wife watching TV.

 6. What is the one thing most people at SilverHorn don't know about you? 

Hmmm...interesting question.  Well, everyone knows that I am die hard COWBOY fan.  So not that.  Hmmm....Got it!  Most people do not know, or believe, that I am introvert and incredibly shy.

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