Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make Your Practice Count

Make Practice Count by:
Rob Myers, PGA (Director of Instruction at SilverHorn)

I'm happy to say that over the past several weeks I have seen 
a number of new faces around the golf course practicing.  
Since this is a time of year where people spend a fair amount of time practicing, that is what I'm going to discuss today.  I would like to spend a few minutes talking about how to make your practice count.

Too often I hear people on the range talk about how long they practiced for, or how many golf balls they hit in a practice session.  While both of those things are admirable, it says very little about the quality of the practice.  I'm sure everybody is familiar with the saying, "practice like you play."  There is a lot of truth to that saying, especially with golf.  One of the most important things you can do on the driving range to have more meaningful practice is to slow down.  How often do you hit 4 shots in a matter of 60 seconds on the golf course?  Hopefully never, but it happens quite a bit on the range.  Next time you are at the range try taking your time in between shots.  Whether it's getting a drink of water, taking a practice swing, taking a deep breath, or simply just walking back to your golf bag to clean your club, make sure that you are slowing down your practice and giving each shot a little more thought. 

You might find that you hit half as many balls this way, but the shots you do hit will be well thought out, quality golf shots.  Remember it's not the amount of time you practice, but rather the quality of your practice that counts.  As always, good luck! 

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