Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Maintenance Aerfication

SilverHorn has one of the hardest working and most dedicated maintenance crews in the golf business. Ask anyone that comes to play SilverHorn and they will tell you that SilverHorn is constantly in great condition no matter what time of year it is and that is all because of the care given to the course by SilverHorn maintenance.

SilverHorn manitenance is lead by our superindentent- Neil Thrailkill. Neil built this course from the ground up and he continues to be dedicated to SilverHorn on a daily basis. For those out of the business golf course maintenance can be a bit confusing as to why certain things are done the way they are done, but today Neil is here to help educate us all on what Neil and his crew are working on right now at the course.

"As we move into the spring golf season at SilverHorn Golf Club, the Golf Course Maintenance staff would like to update you on some of the maintenance issues and cultural practices that will be taking place on the golf course over the next few months.

Addressing one of the most frequently asked questions- greens aerification (click here to define aerfication): our plan consists of aerifying 2-4 greens each week using smaller diameter aerification holes in early spring with the possiblity of increasing the diameter size of the holes as we get into the summer months when the Tif-Dwarf Bermuda grass on the grees is actively growing.

We will topdress (click here to define topdress) the greens as needed throughout this aerification process. The amount of sand that is applied will be dependent on the time of year of the aerification and the diameter size of the aerification holes that are used.

This aerfication process should speed recovery time on the putting surfaces and be more golfer friendly. The goal of our early aerifications of the greens is to provide a uniform surface transition from a green cool season Bluegrass (which is a cool-season turf) to an actively growing warm season Tif-dwarf Bermuda dwarf with minimal transition time and little adverse effect on ball roll. "

Check back later this week from more on what spring maintenance is being done at SilverHorn.

If you happen to see Neil our any other maintenance employee out on the course give them a wave and a thanks for all they do. Happy Spring San Antonio!

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