Thursday, April 5, 2012

SilverHorn Spring Maintenance Part 2

If you missed part one of maintenance at SilverHorn you can view it HERE.

Neil Thrailkill our golf course superintendent and his staff are dedicated to our golf course and also dedicated to letting all of you know what they are doing out on the golf course. That is why Neil is here today to educate us a bit on what him and his crew are up to out there this spring.

Part Two- SilverHorn Spring Maintenance:

"Several other projects and cultural practices that the maintenance staff will be working on this Spring including the application of our pre-emergent herbicide/fertilizer product (click here to define pre-emergent) to prevent Spring/Summer annual grassy and broadleaf weeds and to aid in the green up and density of our Bermuda grass on our tees, fairways and rough areas. We plan on applying the product to a couple of holes a day over a period of two-three weeks. This application will require (the hole where the application is taking place) to be strictly cart path only the day of the application due to the burning potential of the herbicide.

We will also begin the aerification process on the tees and in the rough areas over the next month of so. We will use the turf slicer in the rough to relieve compaction from cart traffic and to promote Bermuda grass development in these areas as it has thinned coming out of the winter season (following one of the most severe droughts in San Antonio history).

Tee aerification should begin in two-three weeks to promote air exchange, aid in water infiltration, (click here to define water infiltration) and relieve compaction. The tee aerification should have very minimal impact playability. Fairway aerification will be scheduled mid June thru early July. 

We will continue to schedule our Maintenance on the driving range and practice tee on Tuesday mornings of each week. Our maintenance on the range includes mowing, fertilizer applications, seeding, sodding, top dressing, and other product applications. There might be some circumstances that will affect the day that maintenance is scheduled for these areas, but we will try to stick to this schedule.

As your maintenance staff, we consider this a critical time of the year and will try to work our cultural schedules to a minimal."

Thank you Neil! Keeping SilverHorn in the excellent shape that it is in is no easy task and we are very lucky to have Neil and his staff. 

Have you played SilverHorn lately? What did you think about the course?

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