Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hit Your Wedges Closer

We are lucky enough to have an excellent PGA teaching professional at SilverHorn, Rob Myers. Rob is here today to give us a little bit of advice on hitting our wedges...

"Today I'm going to spend a few minutes talking about wedge shots, and how you can better control your distances with them. When you are working on distance control with your wedges it's important to first have control over your trajectory. Without having control over your trajectory it will be very difficult to know exactly how far you will hit the ball. 

To better control your trajectory with your wedges you need to keep two things in mind, ball position and speed of swing. Moving the ball position in your stance can certainly help you to hit lower or higher wedge shots when desired. As you move the ball more forward in your stance you are likely to hit the ball higher while moving the ball back in your stance will encourage a lower ball flight. The speed of the golf swing plays a little bigger role in controlling trajectory then ball position. The harder you swing (particularly with your wedges) the more spin you put on the ball and the higher it is likely to fly. When you slow down the pace of your swing it is easier to flight the ball down. This might often times require you taking "more" club (a less lofted wedge) and swinging a little smoother.

The next time you are on the range spend some time practicing with your wedges. Experiment with the ball position and the pace of your swing and see how your trajectory changes. Once you are able to better control your trajectory you should find yourself having much more control over your distances. Best of luck, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, and make it a great week! "

If you are looking to improve your game Rob is available for lessons at SilverHorn and offers discounted rates for members of SilverHorn. E-mail Rob at rmyers@centurygolf.com to schedule a lesson or ask Rob a question. Also visit Rob online at Rob's website: www.riimgolf.com

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