Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Tips For Putting Together A Successful Charity Golf Event

A golf tournament is the perfect way to hold a fundraiser, but it isn't enough just to schedule a tournament. There is a lot of effort and planning that must take part on behalf of the tournament coordinator in order for a golf tournament to be a successful fundraiser.

Today Mike Norton, SilverHorn's Sales Coordinator is here to give us his top 5 tips to be successful when putting together your own charity tournament. 

5 Tips for putting together a successful charity golf event:

1. Have a strong committee, that includes golfers on it
2. Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors. The more sponsors, the more money you raise.
3. Have contest holes with great prizes.
4. Be associated with a known/respected charity.
5. Make the date one that works for your potential players!

If you are thinking about a golf tournament for a fundraising opportunity- either for a charity, school, children's sports team or any other reason please contact Mike Norton at 

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