Saturday, September 8, 2012

Intermediate Target

Tonight Rob Myers, PGA is here to talk about intermediate targets...

This evening I'm going to spend some time talking about alignment, in particular finding intermediate targets.  For those of you who are not familar with using intermediate targets this will no doubt improve your alignment.  You will find after reading the following few paragraphs that intermediate targets can be used for better alignment on all of your shots from the full swing, to chipping, and even on the putting green.

The first step to finding an intermediate target is getting behind the golf ball so that the ball is directly between you and your intended target.  Next draw an imaginary line from your intended target back to yourself disecting the golf ball on the way.  Once you have that imaginary line, pick out something on the ground just in front of the ball ( 6 inches - 6 feet, normally the closer the better) that your imaginary line intersects as well.  That "something" that you pick out on the ground could be a broken tee, a leaf, a discoloration in the grass, or even an old divot.  You will call this spot that you have chosen on the ground your intermediate target.  When you address the golf ball you want to line the club face up with the intermediate target that you have chosen and this will help you to get properly aligned to the target.  You will find it much easier to line up to a target that is within several inches or a couple of feet of the golf ball rather than something that is a couple hundred yards away. 

Next time you are on the driving range try practicing with an intermediate target and see how much easier it will be to get properly aligned to your intended target.  The margin for error on getting aligned to something that is closer to you is significantly less than trying to get lined up to something that is far distance from you.  As always, good luck and let me know if you have any questions!  Make it a great day! 

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