Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cart Path Only- Why?

Many golfers dread the phrase, "today we are cart path only". It can be an inconvenience in what was to be a relaxing day on the golf course. The fact of the matter is that the cart path only rule is put into effective after careful evaluation of our superintendent on the current condition of the golf course. Cart path only is a measure taken to protect the golf course and keep it in pristine playing condition. Recently a cart path question was asked in the USGA newsletter and we think their answer is very helpful in understanding cart path only so we are going to re-post it here for you today: 

Q: For some reason, our golf course staff does not want golf carts to be used on our hybrid bermudagrass fairways during January, February, and March. I know of no other golf course in our part of the world that has this guide, and a large majority of our golfers disagree with it. What do you say?

A: This is a case where the maintenance standards of the golf course have placed a premium on having the best possible hybrid bermudagrass fairways in the winter and spring.  As a result, your course has decided appropriately to restrict carts to the path during January, February, and March. On the other side of the coin, we receive calls or emails during March from golfers who complain "there's no grass on the fairways."  This happens because carts beat down the dormant bermudagrass. Our position is that as long as the course officials know the facts, they are free to decide what's best for them.

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